Expanding the Sisu Team

Sisu Global Health needs to make a few hires- please spread the word! If you or anyone you know might be interested in any of the following positions, please see our Careers page. If you have any questions, please send an email to jobs@sisuglobalhealth.com. 

Program Manager (Baltimore, MD, USA)

The program manager will be responsible for maintaining the portfolio of projects within Sisu Global Health.  The program manager will determine the personnel and budget needed to achieve the strategic objectives and will be responsible for the prioritizing the allocation of resources to keep project milestones on track. The program manager will hold each project lead accountable to project progress and will be able to reallocate personnel and budget as needed to meet strategic objectives. The position would report directly to CEO. This full-time role will need to take on additional responsibilities depending on experience (e.g. contract management, HR, project management).

Download the full Program Manager job description here.

Production Manager (Baltimore, USA)

The production manager will be responsible to direct the organization's manufacturing and supply chain operations. He or she will develop and implement plans to efficiently utilize materials, labor, and equipment along with ensuring that all parts, assemblies, and final products are produced on schedule and according to established requirements. The production manager will establish processes, policies, and procedures and ensure all changes align with the organization's objectives. He or she will coordinate with quality, and related departments to resolve quality issues through root cause analysis and corrective action.

Download the full Program Manager job description here.

Marketing Manager (Accra, Ghana)

The Sales & Marketing Manager is responsible for all aspects of planning and implementing the West African sales and marketing strategy for Sisu Global Health. Additionally, the Senior Sales & Marketing Manager will help to structure the subsidiary of Sisu Global Health, Sisu Ghana Health, to create the foundation for West African operations. This position reports directly to the Chief Marketing Officer.

Download the full Marketing Manager job description here.

Sales Director (Flexible Location)

We are looking for a high-performing Sales Director to cover East and West Africa regions. The successful candidate will coordinate in-country Marketing managers to engage hospital targets. The Sales Director will also work directly with in-country distributors to meet revenue growth objectives. Sales director duties will include hitting annual targets, building relationships and understanding customer trends.

Download the full Sales Director job description here. 

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